Play Onlline Roulette

Moments seem to last forever when you play Roulette. It’s almost like in the movies – everything slows down to a crawl and the faces beside you freeze over; nothing else exists apart from that white ball that is circling the wheel then everything speeds up again and the ball stops at 8. You’ve just won a fat load of money!

You feel what we’re talking about? Yes, Roulette games have that effect on people! It is one of the only casino games online that can connect people like no other, for a moment everybody around the table become a community united by a single white ball. But if you’re new to Roulette and don’t know what it all feels like, don’t fret. It is one of the easiest casino games to win money with. What could be simpler than betting on a spinning wheel with a ball? There are only a few things for beginners to remember while they play Roulette online, and so that they can start winning right away!

Beginners’ Rules and Instructions

First things first, there are absolutely no “winning strategies” in Roulette. Nothing, nada. Second, you have to remember the basics. Roulette games usually involve a table, a spinning wheel (“Roulette” is French for “small wheel”) with systematically arranged numbers on it, a ball, a systematic chart with numbers and figures to bet on, and a lot of money and people surrounding the table!

The rules are simple and the whole game is governed by a simple logic – the higher the risks, the bigger the pay-outs!

There are two types of bets; inside bets and outside bets. Inside bets have bigger payouts but higher risks and smaller winning odds, while outside bets involve better odds and lower risks, but smaller payouts. There are a number of ways you can play with inside bets – for instance in “straight bets” you bet on a single number and in “six-number” you bet on a set of six numbers. Straight bets give you a 35:1 chance of winning the fattest amount and six-number bets give you a 5:1odds of getting a relatively lower payout. With outside bets, there are only two ways. Either you bet on groups of 12, or you choose to bet on even, odds or colors. Much bigger chances but smaller winnings too! Don’t worry too much though, winnings are winnings; Lady Luck is smiling right down on you!

There are more detailed instructions and rule-books available on the internet, read through them to learn more about the game!

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