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Ever feel the thrill of a Black jack game and hear your own heartbeat race as you beat the house dealer with a perfect 21? If you’ve experienced that then you’ll also know that Black jack games are one of the most exciting high profile skill casino games out there! This game is as sophisticated as they come, and good luck can take you only so far.

Its no-nonsense rules require battle-hardened real world tactics such as card counting and calculating probabilities, not mindless praying to Lady Luck. No wonder black jack game has remained a favorite with the thinking players for centuries!

A Word for Beginners

Online Blackjack games involve a lot of skill but that doesn’t mean you can’t learn or it’s too late to start! Knowing the basic rules along with some terms and Blackjack game strategies will do you a lot of good and help you master the game in no time. The game is easy to learn and understand, and there are only a few terms and rules you have to remember to play Blackjack. Look for online resources that will help you out with the advanced rules and instructions to improve your game as you play online Black jack games.

The rules are simple – the whole point of Black jack is to beat the dealer that represents the house to win money! You will be dealt a hand of two cards right at the start, and after adding the numbers on the two cards up, the sum should be a high number as close to 21 as possible without exceeding it. If you have a number bigger than the dealer’s hand, you win!

Exceeding a sum of 21 will lead you to getting BUSTED, and you will forfeit the game immediately.

The face cards – Kings, Queens and Jacks – all will stand for 10 and numbered cards will retain their value. Aces can stand in for either 1 or 11.

If the sum of the cards you hold in your hand is low, you can request for another card. That is called a HIT. But remember, if the third card adds up to a number beyond 21, you’re BUST! You can continue hitting until you’re satisfied. If the hand dealt to you already has a high sum and satisfies you, then you take a STAND to avoid taking more cards.

Why Play Blackjack Online

Why play Black jack online? Simple. Because you can! You can experience all the thrills and excitement the game is infamous for sitting right at home when you play Black jack online! You don’t have to drive up to Las Vegas to play quality Black jack and win big money when you play Blackjack online. And as with brick and mortar casinos, there are no fixed winning strategies when you play Black jack online at an online casino. Games are as rewarding as in the real world and you win REAL money in the virtual world too.

Our website lists the top online casinos where you can play online Blackjack games. Find a table at any of them to play in, and start winning right away. Remember, in online Blackjack, you are only limited by your courage and skill, so the more online Blackjack you play, the bigger you win!

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