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Like Blackjack, Baccarat is one of the more elegant and sophisticated casino games out there – with its Italian roots and French heritage, it’s hard not to be fascinated or feel enticed by this game. Maybe that’s exactly the reason why Baccarat games have become favorites in casinos all over the world! Baccarat games attract all types of players, from the most seasoned players to novices – and everybody ends up grabbing huge payouts.

The beauty of the game is that anyone can come up with a winning strategy to become an instant winner! So if you know nothing about the Baccarat casino game, don’t worry. All you need is a minute to learn and win big!

Beginners’ Basic Rules for Baccarat Games

Want to play online baccarat? Baccarat is an easy game to learn. You basically play to win against the house (also called the Banker), or against other players if you are at a multi-player table. Betting in the game comes in three different forms – betting on the banker’s hand, on your own hand or on a tie.

The only real difficulty in Baccarat is making the decision on where to bet.

The objective is to get a hand with cards that add up to a number as close to 9 as possible. Baccarat is played “Modulo 10”, which means 10 is subtracted from the number if your total exceeds 9. Any card in the deck bigger than 9 has a value of zero, except for Aces which have a value of 1.

The player and the banker are dealt two cards each right at the start. The two cards in each hand are then added up and compared to the other and the one close to 9 wins! Easy money!

If the two cards in either hand add up to 8 or 9, then the hand is called a “Natural”, and the one holding it instantly wins. But remember, 8 trumps over 9 in Baccarat. If any other player or the Banker is holding a 9 and you have an 8, you win over them by default!

If you don’t receive a natural, you get to receive an additional card to help you get a sum close to 9 and win the payouts!

If the hands add up to the same number, then the one who bet on the Tie wins.

There are additional rules that govern Baccarat games, you can look them up along with in-depth instructions on the internet. There are plenty of resources! We already have the top online Baccarat games and the top online casinos listed all over our website, so you will find what you need along with some free online Baccarat games to polish your skills too. If you feel ready to play online baccarat click here now!

But Why Online Baccarat?

A Baccarat table in Vegas has its charm with its Baccarat pallets and Martini drinking players, but what it lacks is the comfort of winning all that money while still at home! Online Baccarat games are just as charming and exciting as its physical world counterpart, and you still get to win fat checks and huge payouts! We have only the best online casinos listed on so that you will have no difficulties finding an online Baccarat table to start winning.

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